Kardan University Debate Club Members Appear Champion of the Debate Championship

On September 20, the NIEA Organization organized a Debating Championship at Ghalib University. Teams from, Kardan University, Kabul University, Ghawharshad University, Ghalib University, Nangarhar University, Kateb University, and Khurshid University competed in five debate rounds. The students debated a wide range of topics, from politics to peace process and elections. Four teams, Kardan University, Ghalib University (with two teams) and Ghawharshad University broke into the final round where Donya Kochei and Esmatullah Ahmadzai from Kardan University ranked as the champion team of the competition.

There were two teams from Ghalib University and one from Ghawharshad University in the final round of the contest. Esmatullah Ahmadzai, representing Kardan University, said “managing your time is the most important element in a debate. We, the Kardan University debaters could manage our time and convey our ideas in a way that convinced judges and the audience, and it substantially helped us win the championship.”

He also added “the Kardan University Debate Club greatly supported us in many ways. Qualified coaches trained us on major principles of debating, what judges expect from debaters during a competition and the importance of time management.”

Ataullah Rahmatzai, President of the Kardan University Debate Club, stated; “I found Kardan University debaters eager for learning, well equipped to challenge the status quo through logical argumentation and reasoning, and self-motivated towards achievements.”

We congratulate our debaters for their accomplishment and wish them the best of luck in their debating careers and future endeavors. Kardan University strives to provide debating opportunities so that students could boost their field knowledge and soft skills as they complete their degree programs.