Kardan University Conducts Curriculum Expert Workshop

Kardan University conducted a Curriculum Expert Review Workshop on July 25, 2019, at its Taimani Campus. The focus of the workshop was to revise and improve the curriculum to enhance students’ learning approaches.
The participants included the Kardan University Leadership, Deans, faculty members, students, alumni, industry leaders and curriculum experts from the Ministry of Higher Education.

The main objective of the review workshop was to gain input from the curriculum experts and scholars and to closely work with academic departments to improve the proposed curriculum.

Kardan University is committed to a progressive process of curriculum improvement and its continuous revision is vitally important to better respond to the social, economic, political and environmental needs of the Afghan society in general and higher education seeking youth in particular.

“It is significantly important for an educational institution to offer an up-to-date curriculum that is fully aligned with national and international academic standards and meets the local job market needs,” said Meena Rahmani, Kardan University’s Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The newly proposed curriculum is fully focused on the following areas;

• Enrichment of the curriculum as per the needs of the
local job market
• International benchmarking
• Curriculum design based on the model of Outcome-
Based Education (OBE) and Students Centered
Learning (SCL)