Civil Engineering Students’ Study Tour to Maihan Steel

Civil Engineering 7th and 8th - semester students went on a study tour to Maihan Steel on Monday, July 1, 2019. Maihan steel is one of the leading steel production companies in Afghanistan. The company is committed to contributing to the development of the steel industry and strives towards economic prosperity and self-sufficiency of Afghanistan.

The Purpose of this educational tour was to help students find practical gaps between knowledge and practice and to experience how steel structural elements are produced. The tour also aimed at integrating theories of steel design in practice and getting a deep insight into the available steel sections in the market. Additionally, it allowed students to understand the production process and new technology trends in steel production. The tour was conducted by Engineer Gulrahman Abdulrahimzai, Academic Administrator Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Moreover, students gained a general understanding of collecting and melting of iron processing in maintaining usage of efficient equipment and systems. They also gained familiarity with procurement, designing activities with full compliance with the legal regulations, energy efficiency, a matter of choice as it directly impacts the level of production and revenue a company generates.

Mr. Baktazh Babakarkhail, a 7th - semester student of civil engineering stated that, (It was a productive tour with lots of new experiences in steel production, how steel bars are produced, and which mixtures are added.) All in all, the study tour was efficient and useful for students in maintaining a good practical experience from the site and going forward to improving their abilities.