Book Week at Kardan University

Being a vibrant university, inspiring academic and professional excellence, Kardan promotes co- and extra-curricular activities and focuses on enhancing student engagement, recognition, and appreciation through rewards and certificates.
Appreciating this mission, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kardan University has declared July 9 – 15 2019 as “Book Reading Week” and has scheduled various activities to promote reading and research.
These activities include:
1. A three-day Book Exhibition where noted publishers and booksellers will display books on a wide range of topics (Political Science, International Relations, Law, Islam, Engineering, etc.) in Dari, Pashto, and English Langauge.
2. The 3rd and 4th issue of Kardan Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (KJEMS) and 2nd Issue of Kardan Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (KJSSH) will be launched.
3. Celebrating the publication of books authored by Mr. Mohammad Sidiq Zaliq, Academic Administrators of the Department of Journalism and Communications, and Mr. Zahid Jalaly Administrator of the Department of Political Science and International Relations.
4. A Workshop on Current Trends in Legal Research will be conducted by Dr. Ahmad Khalid Hatam, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences.
5. Conducting quality research to assist students of Bachelor and Master’s Degree programs, where experts will discuss current issues in Political Science and International Relations and the manner of academic proposal writing.
We are highly committed to organizing such initiatives to boost the capacity of our students at different levels. Therefore, we encourage our students and alumni to participate in this Book Reading Week and gain an exceptional learning experience.