Political Thursday Lecture Series

Political Thursday Lecture Series is an initiative commenced to develop further understanding and learning of students currently pursuing graduate studies at Kardan University’s Masters in International Relations (MIR) Department. Through this lecture series, students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of International Relations. It will also aid students to broaden their horizon of understanding beyond the given curriculum by interacting with renowned academics, scholars, and researchers.

Topic: Democratic Aspirations in the Muslim World: Myth or Reality
By Dr. Saad Ullah Khan

According to Mr. Khan, defining democratic values in the same way all over the world is a difficult task. Therefore, the imposition of democratic values will simply lead to frustration and rejection because Muslim countries share many of their socio-economic difficulties with other democratic counties.

This lecture primarily looked into the notion of democracy and the religion of Islam for getting a primary understanding of the issue. It also focuses on the scholarly debates for and against the compatibility of Islam and democracy. Lastly, it seeks to place these debates in the context of the Muslim world where democracy is still in the nascent stage or slowly spreading its roots.

MIR Department, Kardan University organizes Political Thursday Lecture Series on a variety of topics every week.