Kardan University Library Gets Equipped with Digital Devices

Kardan University library recently got equipped with digital devices. With the activation of these new technologies; searching, borrowing and returning books by students is enhanced to a great extent. Meena Rahmani, Vice Chancellor Academics of Kardan University described the digitalization process of the library a major strategic plan where library related works and other administrative tasks are facilitated for students and staff members.

Mrs. Rahmani emphasizes that the expansion plan of the library has been at the forefront for the past six months, and subsequently, a sophisticated digital system was set up to manage library related works rather smoothly and effectively.

Alauddin Qureshi, Coordinator of Information Management System at Kardan University called the activation of digital devices of the Library a significant step towards digitalization and believes that it will be crucial in managing library works. He also added that (Library is an integral component of an educational institution. Hence Kardan University has introduced new devices such as Book Search Unit, Self-Check Unit, and Book Drop Box Unit to help students in finding and returning books in an effective manner).

One of the main advantages of this system is that students can easily search their favorite books on a computer screen, and find their physical location in the library. After finding the book, a student can insert his or her ID card in the device, and the book will be automatically assigned under his or her name.

One student declared his optimism about the new devices, that now students can find their favorite books quickly, and praised the initiative taken by Kardan University.

It is worth mentioning, that financial-related activities and managing human resources of this institution has become digitalized, and based on the strategic plan of the university, digitalization will expand in other areas as well in the coming future.