Completion of English for Academic Purposes Program

Kardan University has always strived to build student capacities beyond their regular class hours and enable them to learn more effectively and efficiently. For this purpose, the academic faculties, in collaboration with the English Language Department of Kardan University, organized a two and half month ‘English for Academic Purposes’ learning program for all those newly enrolled students. This program, which was attended by more than 180 students, was designed for spring semester students who are admitted to English medium programs but had issues with understanding all parts of their lessons.

The program covered a wide range of topics and different aspects of English Language including Public Speaking Tips, Listening Skills, Importance of Note-Taking, Reading Comprehension as well as Effective Writing Techniques.

To improve the English Language proficiency of fresh students, Kardan University launches English language programs at the beginning of each semester. This has been quite helpful for students in learning academic approaches of writing articles, mastering public speaking and presenting skills, and showing active engagement in interuniversity seminars.

At the end of the program, students delightfully appreciated Kardan University for initiating such programs, and Certificates of Completion were awarded to students with good grades and regular attendance.