Kardan University Participated in Planning and Management of the City Development Conference in Opole Poland

Engineer Amirzada, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Kardan University participated in the 11th round of the International Conference organized by Opole University in Poland. Participants in this workshop were from four countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Poland. Some 84 participants in the conference thoroughly discussed relevant topics on planning and management of the city development.

This International Conference was organized with the purpose of sharing research findings and experiences on city management for global networking and communications. Engineer Amirzada said that scientific research and comprehensive studies have been conducted on proper city management, and participants exchanged their findings and thoughts in two separate groups.

According to Mr. Ahmadzai, written papers on civil-economy was also presented by the participants in the 3rd day of the conference. It is worth mentioning that in the final stage of the conference Mr. Ahmadzai met with students from Polish Universities and provided them comprehensive information about Kardan University as part of Erasmus + Staff Mobility for Teaching. He also paid a visit with the president of the Opole University and the Director of Erasmus + Program to further strengthen cooperation in the fields of research and productive teaching methodologies.

Engineer Amirzada, Dean Faculty of Engineer and Technology of Kardan University described the conference quite essential in establishing relations between engineering faculties of Universities and Educational Institutes in order to learn and benefit from the expertise of the education system of Poland.