Students Study Tour to Ariana Afghan Airlines

The Economic Faculty students of Kardan University witnessed the services and activities of Ariana Afghan Airlines on a field visit organized on April 24, 2019. Some 60 participating students gained useful information on the different aspect of the leading aviation company in Afghanistan.

A field visit is accounted for a significant component of the contemporary academic learning style where students can evaluate the activities and performances of service organizations and NGOs of different nature. In this tour, students have gained insight into how economic and management related theories are applied in practice in the real world scenario.

Four teachers from the Economics Faculty namely, Fawad Aseem, Mariyam Shakeer, Edris Jabbarkhail, and Najeebullah Niazi led the group. Industry-based information on Ariana Afghan Airline’s Financial, Procurement, Budgeting, Flight Management, and other aspects were shared with the participants. Students learned on the practicality of the functional areas in that particular organization.

Participants described the field visit quite useful and expected more support and cooperation from the university in their professional and academic areas. Meanwhile, Kardan University promised to enhance practical learning approaches for its students, and therefore, has signed bilateral agreements with certain local and foreign high profile institutions.

It is also worth mentioning that 40 students from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication of Kardan University paid a field visit to the National Journalist Association of Afghanistan, and obtained practical insights on the various service areas of the organization.