A Series of Seminars Held on Islam and Modern Sciences

Kardan University is proud to have successfully implemented a series of seminars on Islam and modern sciences with the purpose of uplifting the academic and professional capacity of its students. These seminars were conducted by Dr. Mohammad Suleman Nesari, a researcher in Islamic and medical sciences. Relevant and useful information on different topics were communicated to participants.

The first Seminar on (Economy from the Perspective of Islam) was held at Kardan University, Conference Hall, Taimani Campus. Dr. Nesari masterfully explained meaningful information on a variety of topics including, Islamic economic system, ways of earning the daily bread, and comparison of the human body to the economic system. Additionally, a profound explanation was presented on human nature, the mechanism, and functionality of certain organs in the human body, the existence of free oxygen on earth, and human’s affection towards God.

Dr. Sayed Abdul Moiz Mirzada, Dean Faculty of Economics, Kardan University, appreciated Dr. Mohammad Suleman Nesari for initiating such seminars to uplift the academic capacity of Kardan University’s students on different fronts and expected that student will have gained maximum benefit from participating in such events.

Tamim Ahmad, a business administration student of Kardan University described the academic seminar quite useful (I have learned new lessons at today’s gathering, and I expect that Kardan University will organize more of such seminars to elevate the academic standing of the students). The second seminar on (Social Sciences from the Perspective of Islam) and third seminar (Science and Technology from the Perspective of Islam) were held for the law and social sciences, Engineering and Technology students respectively.
In the end, Kardan University COO, Mirwais Nahzat warmly thanked Dr. Nesari for all his support and dedications in running the seminars to promote the academic and professional capacity of the students. Mr. Nahzat assured in order to sustain the academic capabilities of the students, Kardan University will strive to host more of similar gatherings and workshops in different areas.

It is worth to mention that Dr. Mohammad Suleman Nesari is an OPD specialist and a researcher in Islam and medical studies. He also has active engagements in Islamic and Quranic studies which is why he is being invited to conferences and academic programs in a number of countries annually. Dr. Nesari is the author of the book (The Holy Quran and Embryology), and initiator of (Imam Bukhari Orphanage) which accommodates some 300 orphans, and provides them with free education and shelter.