Recognizing the Students’ Academic Excellence

Kardan University has been at the forefront of appreciating and recognizing remarkable achievements, whether by its own students and staff or by other entities and institutions which work hard in order to bring good name to the country and its countrymen.

On December 26, 2015 Kardan organized a prestigious event to honor the students who are in an outstanding academic standing. The event was attended by Kardan University’s senior leadership including the Chancellor Mr. Mahmood Dastgeer and Vice Chancellor Academics Dr. Syed Omar Farooq.

Talking to the event, Mr. Dastgeer reiterated Kardan University’s commitment towards recognizing academic excellence and achievements of its students and staff as part of its five year Strategic Plan the \"Vision of Excellence\".

Congratulating the students, Dr. Farooq reminded them of the great hardships and sacrifices with which the relative peace and stability is achieved, and that it’s their responsibility to safeguard these achievements and add to them even further.

In response to a question about the overall “Kardan Experience” Some of the students expressed their views and appreciated Kardan as the best academic institution in the country.

MBA program’s Hasan Ihsani stated “after graduating from India, I can confidently claim that the quality of education and the facilities at Kardan are at par with the universities I’ve seen in India.”

“Coming to Kardan I had my reservations, as being a private institution I didn’t expect much”, stated Hayatullah Nangyal, from Civil Engineering. “However, after joining Kardan I realized that the standard services offered here are unmatched elsewhere” he said.

At the end, certificates of achievement were distributed among the students.