Training Program on “Innovations in Teaching Methodology”

From 27th to 30th of January 2019, the Faculty Development Center at Kardan University hosted Mr. Kartik Mehta for delivering a faculty development program titled (Innovations in Teaching Methodology).

The training program was attended by faculty members from different departments of the university. Mr. Mehta utilized a variety of training methodologies while delivering the four day program. They included question and answer sessions, brainstorming, group discussions, case study discussions and practical implementation of some of the topics by trainees on flip charts and paper sheets.

The program covered the following concepts:

• How to Innovate
• Learning Resources and Materials
• Lesson planning and Development
• Adult Learning Principles
• Teaching Methods
• Resource Searching Methods
• Reducing Repetition in Teaching

A Feedback Form was distributed at the end of the program in order to know about the trainees’ impressions of the program and their suggestions for future. Certificates of completion were distributed among the participants at the end.