Dean. Faculty of Engineering and Technology, participates in the “1st AUT International Academic Partnership Platform” in Tehran, Iran

Mr. Amirzada Ahmadzai, Kardan University’s Dean of Engineering and Technology Faculty was in Iran’s capital Tehran for a three day program on international academic partnerships and networking. The event was organized by Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic).

The main objective of the program was to create partnerships and networks among international universities in order to create new technologies responding to the modern needs of society in different sectors. The event was held at AUT’s auditorium. Mr. Sayed Ahmad Mutamedi, President AUT, emphasized on the importance of networking and relationship among universities and termed it as a vital component for universities’ academic advancement and development.

Kardan University’s Mr. Ahmadzai was joined by academicians and technology experts from France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, US, Canada, Greece, Syria, Algiers, Japan and the host country Iran. Participant discussion were focused on the fields:

• Biotechnology
• Material & Nanotechnology
• Oil and Gas
• Big Data & IOT
• Water Resource Management

Dr. Ahmadzai, who was part of the Water Resource Management working group, said about his participation in the conference: Iran has had remarkable achievements and advancements in the field of Engineering and Technology. Considering the common factors that the two counties share like language, culture and sometimes environmental issues, we can very well benefit from the knowledge and expertise of scientists and experts at Iranian intuitions. This program was a very good example of such opportunities.

The Engineering and Technology faculty plans to expand its cooperation and relationships with major regional universities and utilize their experience by facilitating different opportunities of mutual cooperation.