Guest Speaker Session on "Human Rights"

On Tuesday, December 25, 2018, the BBA department of Economics Faculty organized a guest speaker session where Ms. Ruqaia Tabasum shared her knowledge and experience with the students. Ms. Tabasum is currently working on several projects related to human tights, peace and education and economic empowerment of women. She’s also pursuing her Ph.D. in the area of Human Rights from Aligarh Muslim University in India.

The presentation touched on the following areas:
1. Human Rights History
2. Evolution of Human Rights
3. Generations of Human Rights
4. Principles of Human Rights
5. Women Rights
6. Women Rights’ Protection in Afghanistan
7. Human Rights’ Enforcement Mechanisms

The program provided students with a great learning opportunity regarding different aspects of Human Rights – especially in the context of Afghanistan. The purpose was to give them a better understanding of the human rights’ situation in Afghanistan, through an experienced practitioner who has a firsthand experience of the situation in the country, while pursuing her doctorate in the same field.

In the question-answer session, students discussed different issues related to human rights and some of their own observations and experiences.

Academic Administrator, BBA, Mr. Fawad Asim presented a certificate of appreciation to Ms. Tabasum at the end.