Seminar on 'How to Achieve Excellence'

The Political Science and International Relations Department (PS & IR), Faculty of Social Sciences, arranged a presentation on ‘How to Achieve Academic Excellence’ on Wednesday, December 20, 2018.The event was held at the Taimani campus conference hall.

The program started with welcoming by the Academic Administrator of BPS & IR, Mr. Zahid Jalaly, who introduced the event’s main speaker Dr. Ahmad Khalid Hatam.

Dr. Hatam shared his student-life experiences and shed light on the thoughts, quotes and experiences of some famous scholars, writers, poets, novelists and others who have contributed in bringing great changes in the world with their remarkable achievements and excellence in their work.

The speech was followed by Q&A session where students asked questions and appreciated the responses provided to them. The seminar ended with a vote of thanks to Dr. Khalid Hatam.