Kardan University recognizes top students of Fall 2023 semester

Kardan University recognizes top students of Fall 2023 semester
On Saturday, March 30, 2024, Kardan University hosted an awards ceremony to honor outstanding students who achieved top marks in the fall 2023 semester. The event took place in the conference room of Kardan University's Parwan Du campus and was attended by Mr. Khawaja Jamshid Seddiqi, Vice-Chancellor of Academics, department heads, esteemed professors, and the distinguished students.
A total of 18 students from both graduate and undergraduate programs received the Distinguished Student Award. Among them, 12 students were also awarded the merit scholarship for the upcoming semester, entitling them to a 30% discount for one semester.
During the ceremony, Mr. Khawaja Jamshid Seddiqi commended the exceptional students for their remarkable accomplishments and encouraged them to maintain their dedication to academic excellence. Mr. Seddiqi further added: "It is a great pleasure that Kardan University, as the most prestigious university in Afghanistan, has organized 160 extracurricular programs from the beginning to the end of the 2023 year in order to improve the academic and practical capacity of our students.
Sayed Zuhor Hashemi, a fifth-semester student in the Business Administration Program and a scholarship recipient, expressed his gratitude for the award. He shared, "Receiving this award for the first time is truly an honor, and I am thankful to Kardan University and my professors. To my fellow students, remember that hard work pays off, so continue striving for excellence in all your endeavors."

Kardan University continues to uphold its tradition of acknowledging and celebrating the hard work and achievements of exceptional students.