Strategic Planning Process

Kardan University started its journey to develop its second Strategic Plan for the years (2021 – 2025) in July 2020. Following the successful implementation of the University’s inaugural strategic plan also known as the Vision of Excellence (2015 – 2020), and building on the lessons learned, and best practices of our first strategic plan, we look forward to designing our next strategic plan in a participatory, transparent, and inclusive manner.

The strategic planning development for Kardan University involves the following processes:

The planning process was started with informing the community about the intent of starting the process underscoring commitment, significance and continuous engagement, and establishing the strategic planning taskforce. The Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTF) comprised of the University’s leadership, senior administrators, as well as professional staff and faculty members is the assigned committee to work collaboratively to design and deliver our ambitious initiatives for the next five years.

The stakeholder engagement has been at the heart of this collaborative planning process with an emphasis on primary data gathering and face-to-face interactions with the stakeholders. It’s been further decided that the consultation sessions would be conducted with both internal and external stakeholders with a suggested focus on reviewing Kardan University’s existing Strategic Objectives.

The Values workshop which was focused on developing Organizational Values for Kardan University’s Strategic Plan (2021– 2025) was a major milestone that has been accomplished. The workshop also provided a forum for all the participants to exchange experiences and ideas related to current Values of Kardan University and to work on generating new Values that are aligned with and support the purpose and ambition of Kardan University’s coming five years.

The Strategic Objectives Workshop was conducted from December 19-20, 2020 in Kardan School of Graduate Studies where PTF spent two days to review and hear the findings of the Department Leads, the proposed Strategic Objectives, Strategic Initiatives, and High-Level Strategic Actions grounded in quality information and institutional realities, setting a stage for preferred future.

The Sense-Making and Analysis phase was where the PTF reviewed the consultation findings, the strategic themes and finalized the university-level strategic objectives, strategic initiatives, and actions. This analysis was shared with the Leadership and stakeholders of Kardan University in the General Assembly; a highly interactive, one-day meeting involving 101 internal and external stakeholders, coming together to create a preferred future – creating shared pictures of a five-year framework.

The Strategic Plan drafting, and finalizing was based on the consultation of the General Assembly, incorporating the PTF feedback and recommendations on the drafting process and content.

The strategic planning process is an important endeavor to ensure that Kardan University is able to transform, compete, and grow as a world-class academic institution.