Strategic Objectives Workshop

Event Date 19 December, 2020
Event Duration Two Days
Venue School of Graduate

The Strategic Objectives Workshop was held at Kardan School of Graduate Studies (KSGS) and commenced from 19th – 20th December 2020. It was attended by 36 participants including the leadership of Kardan University, faculty, and representatives from all the departments, key stakeholders to the planning process.

The workshop was officially opened by the COO Mirwais Nahzat – welcoming the participants. The workshop opening also involved a brief overview of the Workshop’s format and approach and the desired outcomes of this endeavor.

Following the COO’s opening remarks and introduction to the workshop framework, Department Leads individually presented on the broad categories their SWOT Analysis as findings of the consultation phase and shared their proposed Strategic level objectives, actions, and initiatives.

The closing session was chaired by Chancellor Roeen Rahmani, who expressed gratitude for the contributions of the Department Leads as well as the Strategic Planning Taskforce. The workshop concluded with a short address from the Chancellor who summarized the next steps for the planning process that included:

1. The Strategic Objectives Workshop itself;
2. Strategic objectives’ review and analysis process, making sense of all the findings presented, and the strategic ideas proposed;
3. Developing the university level strategic objectives, actions, and initiatives;
4. Pre-General Assembly PTF – where these would further be presented before the PTF, and upon approval would be presented to the General Assembly;
5. The General Assembly;
6. Post-General Assembly PTF reflections to further discuss the first draft and receive feedback;
7. First Draft of the plan to be shared with the PTF for review;
8. PTF review of the first draft;
9. Final feedbacks to be incorporated into the draft, and development of Strategic Plan; and
10. The launch of the plan to be held in late February/early March.

The next step is for the PTF to review the results and fine-tune these objectives. The University has made great strides in the past several years in not only identifying, but acting on its strategic goals. Much has been accomplished but more challenges and successes lay ahead as we summarize the challenges of progress towards our vision and mission…

“In the spirit of excellence, aspiring for knowledge and growth”
“A vibrant university inspiring academic and professional excellence”

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