Kardan University’s Values Workshop

Event Date 20 October, 2020
Event Duration One Day
Venue Conference Hall

The workshop on Kardan University’s Values took place on Tuesday, October 20 at Kardan University, Taimani Campus, Conference Hall. The main objective of the workshop was to bring together the representatives from diverse departments of Kardan University to design new Values or to review, and re-examine existing Values of Kardan University (Knowledge, Innovation, Internationalization, People, Integrity) to ensure they are still aligned and support the purpose and ambition of Kardan University’s coming five years - (Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025).

The Workshop brought together over 40 participants and representatives from across Kardan University including, faculty, management, administration, students, and the Leadership, and provided a forum for all the participants to exchange experiences, best practices and ideas related to current and new Values of Kardan University.

The workshop started with the opening remarks of COO Mirwais Nahzat and group work sessions during which eight groups of 5-6 members discussed and reviewed the current values of the University; drafted and proposed (5-6) new values and presented them before the present participants. During the presentations, each of the groups presented their themes and merits to selected values to the whole participants sharing their justifications as well as the merits of the values proposed.

The Values were then combined, the duplicates were eliminated and the (10) most common values were listed and were put for further discussion and debate for consensus building, facilitated by the COO and Academic Administrator Qais Mohammadi.

The second round of the group works then brought together four groups of nine for substantive discussions and dialogues on selected values and each group submitted a final proposed list of 5-6 Values with their key narratives and messages to be later on presented before the PTF and finalized.

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