Our Values and Culture

Kardan University is a value-driven institution. Its values underpin the strategic plan and refect our commitment to achieving excellence.


The primary and overarching value of Kardan University is the pursuit and generation of new knowledge. We will strive to become an industry leader in promoting knowledge into productive assets that can ultimately contribute to social, economic and intellectual well-being of the university community.


Our people are our most vital assets and critical actors in shaping our long-term strategic direction. We will continue to invest in the well-being, intellectual growth and professional development of our people over the upcoming years.


Kardan University is committed to enhancing a culture of innovation across our programs, ensuring the introduction and application of best practices, progressive processes and approaches.


We will adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. We will act with integrity and commit ourselves to an open and transparent work environment.


Kardan University will strive towards playing an active role in the global village and maximizing the full potential of Afghan human capital at the international stage.