Governance and Structure

Management Committee

The Management Committee is an internal, decision-making body at Kardan University. The key mandate of the committee is to monitor, assess and oversee the University’s main priorities. The decisions of the management committee are binding upon the institution and are to be executed by the responsible individual(s) represented in the committee.

The overarching roles and responsibilities of the management committee focus on advising, reviewing and approval of key decisions. The Committee strives to ensure that the University delivers its programing in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner, maintaining the highest service delivery standards. Management Committee members are the decision-makers, representing the leadership positions across the University system.

Strategic Planning Advisory Committee

Strategic Planning Advisory Committee is the second highest committee that oversees the strategic direction of the university and advises the management on new initiatives to achieve the University’s strategic objectives.

Academic Council

Led by the Chancellor of Kardan University, Academic Council is the highest body of the University that takes all academic decisions with participation of members from the academic teams, faculty members and administration.