Learning and Development

Our people are at the heart of our strategy to achieve academic and professional excellence. Our employees also constitute a fundamental pillar of our organizational values. Kardan University, therefore, encourages and facilitates staff professional development and training opportunities at all levels both within and outside the organization. Our important training programs include Leadership Development Program, Excellence in Customer Service, Faculty Development Programs, Higher Education Program, Staff Orientation Program and international training opportunities.

Staff Orientation and Socialization Program

Staff Orientation and Socialization Program assist new employees in their transition to the university culture. Our orientation and socialization program are developed in tandem with the strategic objectives of the university to help the new hires to fully understand the entire organization and their place in it. The employees do not only learn their jobs, organization’s culture and strategy, but also how their individual jobs are critical to organization’s success. Over the course of this period, the new employees have the opportunity to build on good work relationships with their colleagues.

Higher Education Program

Employees at Kardan University have the opportunity to pursue diploma, bachelor’s and master’s programs under the staff training and development program.

Leadership Development Program

Supervisors, Managers, Academic Administrators and Deans too have the opportunity to attend leadership development program in and outside the country. Kardan University equips leaders at different levels to inspire, motivate and engage the workforce. Our Leadership Development Program improves decision-making and leadership skills of our staff with broader business acumen, global perspectives, and leadership insights.

Security & Safety Training

Kardan University is committed to ensuring a safe and secure working, teaching and learning environment for its community. The safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is the University’s most important priority. Kardan University conducts regular mandatory safety and security training programs for its employees and students.

Customer Service Excellence

Kardan University remains committed to contributing towards a vision of excellence across its programs and services. Excellence in Customer Service is at the heart of Kardan University. We regularly conduct customer service excellence training programs for our staff and administrators.

International Training Opportunities

Kardan University encourages its employees to participate in international professional development conferences, seminars and workshops that can ultimately contribute to enhanced employee skills, knowledge and abilities. A large number of our staff and faculty participate in international training programs, research conferences and workshops.