Poetry Club


The Poetry Club is composed of poets, students who aspire to utilize their voices as a form of art and make a difference and express their feelings. This space serves students to explore artistic growth, practice their craft, and expand networks. Imaging not only to unite strengths within the poetry community but also in cultural, social, and academic interests.


  • Poetry reading sessions: The club members gather and conducts poetry sessions, and share their inputs/experiences
  • Poetry writing sessions/training: The student involvement and success office holds different sessions to foster club members' interest and skills in writing/reading poems.
  • Poetry contest: Every year, a poetry contest will be held by the student involvement and success office. Interested students can send their poems to the office, and all the applied students will be invited to an open mic poetry event where they will be judged, and the best poet will be awarded a prize from the university
  • Creative projects: The poetry club members can enrich the campus with their creative projects like poem wall and other art shows/cultural events.


Membership is open to all Kardan University students who are interested in poems and poetry. The timeline for the application will be 15 days after the start of new semester, and the best applications will be selected.

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