Photography Club


Kardan University photography club is a friendly social group of students with interest in photography. All skill levels are welcome, from newbie to pro! This club aims to encourage members to find time in their busy lives for creativity by posting monthly themed challenges.

The purpose of the Kardan University’s Photography Club is to foster a community for people who love photography as well as a network of people who support each other. The club's goal is to provide student photographers with opportunities to learn and improve their skills in a positive environment and provide students with the supplies and materials necessary to improve their art. Our members can enhance their photography skills and learn about interesting techniques to diversify their photography portfolio through club activities.


  • Discussion session: The club holds different discussion sessions on techniques, kit, and any other topics relevant to photography
  • Photography Workshops: Photography workshops holds to foster students' interest in photography and develop their photography skills
  • Photo Exhibitions: The club members' creativity will be promoted through different photo exhibitions that will be held inside and outside the university
  • Photo Competitions: The Student Involvement and Success Office sets the themes and rules of the competition. The participant will click the photo according the competition rules and the best photos will be awarded the university's prizes
  • Photo campaigns: A campaign theme will be selected, and all the participating students will share their taken theme-related photos on social media with the hashtag of the campaign
  • Photographic instruction and mentoring: The club members are being provided with the photographic instructions and mentorship on how to be a good photographer
  • Photo walks: Inter-university photo walk programs will be planned for the club members to increase their enthusiasm towards photography


Membership is open to all Kardan University students who are interested in photography. The timeline for the application will be 15 days after the start of each semester, and the best applications with the selected.

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