Entrepreneurship Club


The Entrepreneurship Club is a learning-by-doing environment. It encourages all students from any of the Kardan University’s academic departments who share a common interest in entrepreneurship to become involved.


  • Activities is regularly scheduled to inform, support, and inspire club members to be entrepreneurs and seek opportunities through starting businesses/startups
  • Guest speakers and social events provide members with an opportunity to meet and learn from local entrepreneurs and community business leaders
  • Pitch Competitions: The Office of Student Involvement and Success facilitates Pitch competitions. Student competitors have the chance to win prizes for business ideas. Competing teams are given 2-3 minutes to pitch their business concepts. No business plan is required. Any visuals needed to prove concepts are recommended. Competing teams will be judged on: innovation, market identification, competitive advantage, and financial feasibility/stability
  • Networking events: Members will be involved in networking events, in which they will expand their network and get to know about different businesses available in the market
  • Entrepreneurial issues discussion sessions: The students gather and have discussion sessions on different challenges entrepreneurs face


Membership is open to all Kardan University students who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. The timeline for the application will be 15 days after the start of each semester, and the best applications with the selected.


The club has the sessions twice a month as per a proper schedule and the agreement of the members.

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