Chess Club


The Kardan Chess Club is a student-run club for students that like playing and learning chess. We provide free training and opportunities to practice and welcome players of all levels to enjoy the Chess game and meet new people. Through this club, we allow students to practice and improve their skills and provide an environment in which players can learn and analyze games they have played.

Aims & Objectives

  • Chess Federation assists the Kardan University's team in enhancing their skills
  • The club allows students from all backgrounds to participate in a common game, Chess
  • The club organizes chess tournaments within the University to allow for competitive play
  • The club organizes an inter-university chess competition
  • The club members teach potential members how to play Chess
  • To foster and promote interest in the game of Chess at the Kardan University by appropriate means


The Chess Club organizes a variety of events throughout the semester, including:

  • Weekly chess sessions
    • Analyzing the games played during the club meetings
    • Practice session
    • watching instructional videos on the internet and discussing them in the club meetings
  • Organizing tournaments
  • Inviting lecturers
  • Simultaneous exhibitions from our top players
  • Friendly matches against other universities


The club has its weekly sessions.

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