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Kardan University’s Volunteers Club is formed where all students from all programs can become members and participate in two types of campaigns; assisting the poor and cleaning the city. This club brings students of every background together to collaborate on opportunities to serve the community, meet people, make an impact in the lives of others, and positively represent Kardan University. Major programs considered for volunteering community include Social Services related to helping people in need and providing them with food items, clothes or money for fulfilling other basic needs. Eco Responsibility is the second type of initiatives considered for the volunteers where students join hands to raise awareness about the importance of having a clean city by planting trees and cleaning trash from different parts of the city.

Social Services

  • Helping Street Children and Poor People

According to the website, nearly two million Afghan children work to help support their families instead of going to school. Many are exposed to crime; most work even on winter’s coldest days. Often, they are responsible for buying food and fuel needed for their families’ survival.

As per Afghan government statistics, 42 per cent of Afghanistan's total population lives below the poverty line. Also, 20 percent of people living just above the poverty line are highly vulnerable to falling into poverty.

Here at Kardan University, the Volunteering Club will assist street children and poor people by providing them with food and clothing or money. This program will be organized at the beginning of each season or four times throughout a year.

Students who join this club will run campaigns to collect money, raw food, or clothes from anyone such as students, teachers, and employees of Kardan University or in some cases the general public. Collected raw food will be properly packed, used clothes will be washed and collected money will be spent on buying new clothes and raw food from the market.

Eco Services (can be named Eco Responsibility)

  • Planting Trees

Trees are the biggest source of converting toxic Carbon Dioxide back to breathable Oxygen for all animals living on earth. They are also the natural habitat of many birds and insects as well as a source of food, wood and paper products. They are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. Trees are a big help in minimizing the noise, air and water pollution. Planting trees, therefore, is very vital for life on earth and is not only the duty of government authorities, but of all responsible citizens.

A volunteering group for Eco Services (or Eco Responsibility) which is going to be established in Kardan University will campaign for planting trees at the beginning of spring season every year. They will work in collaboration with Kabul Municipality in order to plant the right types of trees and at the proper locations.

  • City Cleaning Program

Kabul is Afghanistan’s window to the world, a rapidly growing city of five million with major challenges in city service provision and in maintaining an overall clean and green environment, especially after decades of war which has destroyed many things, green spaces included.

A volunteer team from Kardan University will open a campaign and take part in cleaning the city’s major markets and business areas with the help of Kabul Municipality.

These volunteers will be equipped with shovels, masks, and gloves to clean a specific part of the city and motivate other people in cleaning their surroundings.

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