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Scholarships & Financial Aid

The purpose of the Financial Assistance is to help any eligible student who is fully enrolled for an academic year at Kardan University and has a particular financial need. Based on the nature of the students' needs, some groups of students might be given precedence on the allocation of the funding.

Office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance offers financial assistance to eligible students who meet the criteria as per Kardan University scholarships and financial Assistance policy. We provide financial Assistance in the form of scholarships, financial assistance, and Management/Academic Trainee program.

The office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance receives applications at the start of each semester. The process opens for a period of one month for both existing and new students.

For 2018, Kardan University allocated a total of Afs. 22,000,000 for both existing and new students. For 2019, an even greater amount of Afs. 34,000,000 is allocated for the same purpose. Procedural requirement begins with filling up the application form which should be obtained from the Scholarships and Financial Assistance office at Parwan-e-Du campus. This form is mandatory for both new and existing students. For existing students, the office verifies students' eligibility. New students are required to attend an interview after submission of application.

Their documents are then forwarded to Scholarships and Financial Assistance Committee to make the decisions. The Office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance further proceeds as per committee's decisions.

Ehsanulhaq Haqjo

Manager, Scholarships and Financial Aid


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