Student Testimonial

  • "I am pleased to receive Kardan University’s merit scholarship for the fourth consecutive semester. The facilities and curriculum of the Department of Law are based on the student needs and play a key role in our success. Thank you, Kardan University, for providing us with such a vibrant academic environment."

    Sayed Enayatullah Sohrabi
    LLB Student

  • "Kardan University provided an opportunity for me to pursue higher education at the most prestigious academic institution in Afghanistan. This opportunity helped me enhance my knowledge and receive the merit-based scholarship for obtaining high marks during the Fall 2020 semester."

    Sadia Zarifi
    LLB Student

  • "It is a pleasure to receive Kardan University’s merit scholarship for seven consecutive semesters. Kardan University has provided us with an inspirational and motivational environment helping us grow and pursue our education in its best possible way. I am proud to be part of Kardan’s family."

    Freshta Naseri
    LLB Student

  • "I thank Kardan University’s leadership for providing such scholarships for its talented students who are striving for more success using University’s resources. Kardan University has played a significant role in the development of our capacity and growth."

    Mohammad Omar Safi
    Journalism and Mass Communications Student

  • "I am a current Bachelor of Economics student with a 100% scholarship. I received the scholarship as part of Kardan University’s full scholarships provided to the Imam Bukhari orphanage. It gives me immense pleasure to study at an accredited and the leading University in Afghanistan."

    Mohammad Yaseen Kakar
    BSc. Economics Student

  • "Kardan University inspires the young Afghans and is providing quality education based on international norms and standards. I am happy to pursue my higher education at one of the best universities in Afghanistan by receiving a full scholarship. I want to thank Kardan University for providing scholarships to Imam Bukhari orphanage and those young Afghans who need this tremendous support to continue their education."

    Naqibullah Stanikzai
    MBA Student

  • "It is a pleasure to pursue the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at the leading University in Afghanistan. Kardan University provided a full scholarship to me, which helped me enhance my knowledge of business and financial management. Thank you, Kardan University!"

    Hessamuddin Niazi
    MBA Student

  • "Kardan University’s professional and friendly environment had a crucial role in my academic journey. With the financial support of Kardan University, I am now able to continue my education at the No. 1 university in Afghanistan. I want to thank Kardan University’s leadership, employees, and faculty for providing such an academic opportunity to me."

    Ahmad Jawid Fani
    LLB Student

  • "It is a pleasure to receive a 100% scholarship from a leading university in Afghanistan, inspiring its students and providing quality academic facilities. By pursuing a bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communications, I can now enhance my communications skills and become a professional journalist in the future."

    Hakim Bigzad
    Journalism and Mass Communications Student