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Women Rights in Islam Conference

Event Date
Dec 24, 2017
Event Duration
14 days
Conference hall, Taimani campus

Kardan University, in collaboration with The Asia Foundation organized a fourteen day informative training program on the subject of Women Rights in Islam and Afghanistan’s Law. The purpose of the workshop was to inform students about the rights and privileges given to women in Islamic Sharia and the Afghan Constitution. The content is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge to integrate gender issues into their daily lives and work. The program closing event and conference will be held on Sunday, December 24, 2017 at Taimani campus conference hall. At the event there will be a debate session and discussion panel, which will highlight the major issues discussed during the training. The panelists will be two expert trainers, one from The Asia Foundation and one from Kardan University.
Training participants will receive certificates of appreciation at the closing ceremony. The trainers and the department of Asia Foundation will be receiving appreciation shields from Kardan University at the end of the conference.