Mock Interviews Workshop

Event Date 10 August, 2017
Event Duration 1.5 hour
Venue Class 501, Parwan-e-Du Campus, Kardan University
Office of Career Services hostsMock Interview workshop for Kardan University students. Mr. Bisimillah Momand will deliver the workshop. He has a Master Degree in Human Resource Management from Liverpool University in England and is currently serving as Human Resource Manager at FHI360, USAID.
Mock interviews provide an opportunity to practice interviewing and receive feedback in preparation for actual interviews. All students can join us for the workshop.

What to Expect?

• A simulated 60-minute interview
• Customized questions based on information you provide
• Detailed feedback after reviewing strengths and areas to improve your interviewing skills
• A recording of your interview
• Learn the “good” and “bad” parts of how you participate in an interview

Seats are limited, and are available on first come, first serve basis. To reserve a seat, please visit Office of Career Services at Parwan-e-Du campus or call 0786 001 556.

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