Kardan University's Economics Faculty Students to Participate in the International Business Live Case Competition

Event Date To be announced
Event Duration To be announced
Venue Online

Students from the Departments of BBA and BSc. Economics of Kardan University will participate in the International Business Live Case Competition in late November 2020. To foster the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) education, particularly, SDG4: Quality Education, Kardan University provides its students with such unique practical learning opportunities across fields.

CapSource, a USA-based education technology company focused on helping universities build and scale their immersive, transformative project-based experiential learning programs that integrate real companies, their business leaders, and their challenges directly into their students' education process, will run the competition.

It is a rewarding and highly competitive Live Case Competition featuring a real challenge with the Ronald McDonald House. Students will compete in this virtual live case experience to solve a relevant and innovative real-world challenge for RMHC's executive leadership.

Kardan University recognizes that achieving sustainable development goals is essential to our students, community and ultimately, our future success. Therefore, the University consistently endeavors to provide educational programs and practical work opportunities for students to synchronize their theoretical lessons with more practical vision.