Training Workshop on Student Centered Learning (SCL) and Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

Event Date To be announced
Event Duration To be announced
Venue Conference Hall, Taimani Campus
Afghan universities are largely traditional, with teacher-centered pedagogy and passive student learning. International trends in universities are increasingly moving toward active student centered learning (SCL) and outcome-based education (OBE). Afghan universities urgently need to modernize teaching and learning to reflect and keep pace with these international trends.

Fortunately, Kardan University is the first Afghan Institution to step ahead in this direction. To initiate the process, experts from Higher Education Development Program (HEDP) are going to deliver a training workshop on the topic of Outcome-Based Education and Student-Centered Learning (OBE-SCL) here at Kardan University. The main goal of the program is to modernize and enhance the quality of teaching and learning in line with current international trends in higher education.

The introduction of OBE and SCL will require new approaches to curriculum design and delivery; innovative teaching methods and techniques; active and dynamic learning models; increased use of higher education publications, and ICT and internet-based resources; and the modernization of assessment systems, at the universities.

The Faculty Development Centers (FDCs) at Kardan University will play an important role in the provision of continuous professional development and capacity building for university academics, management and technical staff, to establish OBE and SCL and to use ICT, web-based content and digital resources, for teaching and learning.

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