Training Program on Innovations in Teaching Methodology

Event Date Mon, January 2019
Event Duration 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM
Venue Conference Hall, Taimani Campus
Kardan University’s Faculty Development Center (FDC) intends to organize a four day training program on innovative teaching for the university faculty members.

The major focus of this program is to upgrade the teaching, training and research skills of our lecturers and further acquaint them with the recent developments in teaching and research methods. The program will enable participants to develop competencies in innovative education techniques as well as in research and pedagogy.

Internationalization in teaching is strongly supported by Kardan University and is considered vital for institutions in developing Afghanistan’s capacity in research and innovation, driving up the country’s institutional ranking and increasing the quality of teaching and learning. Thus, enhancing the academic and intellectual environment in the institutions by providing faculty members with ample opportunities to pursue research and participate in seminars/conferences/workshops is vital for forward-looking universities.

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