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Kardan library is attracting students to its rich and extensive print, eBook, online and manuscript collections. The library offers a variety of study environments from study spaces to vibrant group work quiet rooms. There are extensive computer facilities and the library is subscribed to major academic research e-Libraries.

The library is a significant contributor in adapting to e-learning. In close collaboration with other stakeholders it will continue to acquire, manage and develop resources, tools and services in alignment with the university’s strong commitment to embracing e-learning. See More

The Library's role

The Library contributes to the University’s aspirations in a number of ways, including:

  • Providing high quality, welcoming learning spaces that meet the need for group and individual study.
  • Developing, promoting and providing access to books, collections and resources meeting individual student and faculty needs.
  • Ensuring that books and collections are discoverable and accessible, regardless of format or location.
  • Providing loans, reserve and electronic reading list services.
  • Managing resources in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way in accordance with Kardan University's policies and procedures.
  • Promoting and providing information about the library’s resources, programs and activities.
  • Providing responsive hours of opening.

Search Books

Kardan University library recently got equipped with digital devices. With the activation of these new technologies; searching, borrowing and returning books by students is enhanced to a great extent.

One of the main advantages of this system is that students can easily search their favorite books on a computer screen, and find their physical location in the library. After finding the book, a student can insert his or her ID card in the device, and the book will be automatically assigned under his or her name.

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