Fall 2021 Entry Test Results

Themes and Sub-Themes

  • Making sustainable development operational: the governance of the SDGs
  • Economic, social and environmental pathways to sustainability
  • Legal and normative implications of SDGs
  • Indicators and data availability
  • Financing the SDGs
  • The relevance of the Belt and Road Initiative for the 2030 Agenda
  • The Sustainable Development Goals and human rights: a critical early review
  • Leaving no, one behind? Persistent inequalities in the SDGs
  • Economic growth, full employment and decent work: the means and ends in SDG
  • Education and Sustainable Development Goals
  • How are SDGs translated in sectors and geographical contexts?
  • How do organisations manage and control the implementation of SDGs?
  • What types of competences and knowledge are brought into play for making SDGs operable?
  • How do organisations manage paradoxes, dilemmas, and conflicts emerging from the work with SDGs?
  • How are SDGs translated into management education and training?
  • What governance mechanisms are necessary to implement SDGs within the organization?
  • How do individual, Organisational, and institutional factors influence the operationalization of SDGs?
  • How can business partners, public authorities, and non-profit organisations be involved in the work with SDGs?
  • How do the public perceive the fit between SDG commitments and current business practices?
  • How can technologies and tools influence the work with SDGs?
  • What are the impacts from the implementation of SDGs?
  • Poverty
  • Crisis Prevention and increased resilience
  • Environment and nature based solution for development
  • Energy
  • Women empowerment
  • Gender equality

The research work can be submitted in the prescribed format specified at the conference website: sdg@kardan.edu.af

All submitted abstracts and manuscripts will go under double blind peer review. All articles will be published in conference proceedings (online and print with ISBN). Selected articles will be published in the Kardan Journal of Economics and Management Sciences/or Kardan Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities