Seminar on "Learning by Doing: The Power of Experiential Learning in Management Education"

Event Date 5 May, 2019
Event Duration 2:00 - 4:30 pm
Venue Conference Hall, Taimani Campus

Experiential learning methods are an effective way to give students practical abilities, leadership and team skills they need to successfully operate across cultures. Kardan University invites you to be part of a highly interactive summit on Experiential Learning that provides an in-depth examination of how universities use real-world projects to give their students impactful learning experience.
As a result of participation in the GBSN Summit on “Experiential Learning,” two of our distinguished faculty members, Mr. Qais Mohammadi and Mr. Idris Noori want to share their learning with their peers and conduct an orientation seminar on “Learning by Doing” in the context of Afghanistan.

The seminar will offer content sessions, panel discussions, and hands-on guided workshop activities. The leadership of the University and faculty members are welcome to join.
The program is focused on;

• Discovering the innovative approaches to applying action-based learning curricula with an emphasis on the Organization context
• Discussing innovative ways for inside-class and out-of-class learning and engagement with students
• Exploring the opportunities to increase multi-sector participation in management education within the organization
• Designing an experiential learning program that can be applied to your management education curricula