Advanced English Writing

This intensive (student-centered) course provides the theory and practice of essential day-to-day academic and business writing. The topics covered in this course include an introduction to basic writing concepts and pprogressup to intermediate and advanced topics such as report writing and introduction to proposal writing.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to English Writing (academic/business writing), and Punctuation and Capitalization

2. Basic concepts (word, sentence, phrase, etc.)

3. Paragraph writing, including all common types of paragraphs

4. Essay writing, including all common types of essays

5. Letter writing, including all common types of letters (e.g. cover letter, personal statement, etc.)

6. Email writing, including common phrases in business emails

7. Memorandum (memo) writing

8. Report writing, including common types of reports

9. Introduction to Proposal Writing, including common types of proposals

10. APA 7 citation, plus other citation methods, including avoiding plagiarism

11. General writing tips and techniques for effective written communication

Fee Summary

Semester Credits Total Semester Cost
One Fifteen 15* 600= 9000
Total Semester Credits and Cost Fifteen Afs. 9,000 (Total Credits’ Cost) + Afs. 3,000 (Admission Fee)