Certificate in English Language (CEL)

Due to the overwhelming demand for a short-time, more basic program, the Department of English Language introduced a three-month short course for beginners designed to meet all the basic skills requirements. CEL not only assists the new learners in acquiring basic English Language skills, but also functions as a preparatory phase for DEL.

CEL curriculum

The series of books taught in the CEL and DEL programs at Kardan University is by Macmillan called Skillful. Skillful Second Edition is a 5-level academic English course designed for students who want to learn the language from the basic up to advanced level. The Foundation Books of the series is taught in the CEL program at Kardan University. Its rigorous step-by-step approach develops language proficiency and academic skills, helping students perform at their best. The books engage and challenge students with exciting and relevant topics, using fresh, dynamic content and meaningful academic tasks. The material encourages learners to study and analyze a wide range of ideas and problems to form and express their opinions with the confidence needed to achieve academic success.

Eligibility Criteria

Students of any age and academic background interested in learning English Language can get admission in this program. All applicants need to attend a face to face interview with the representative of the English Language Department.

Fee Summary

Semester Credits Total Semester Cost
One Fifteen 15* 600= 9000
Total Semester Credits and Cost Fifteen Afs. 9,000 (Total Credits’ Cost) + Afs. 3,000 (Admission Fee)