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From time to time, Kardan University organizes different programs aimed at raising awareness about gender equality. This is done so that the students are informed about gender related issues and there is a friendly working and study environment where students and staff of both genders do not have to worry about any gender discrimination and work together on academic and extracurricular initiatives.

Gender Committee

The Gender Committee at Kardan University is formed by staff members and several active students, who work together on creating gender awareness programs, gender equality and eliminating any gender based issues that may be faced by any students or staff members.

Web Application Development and IT Technical Support Training

A group of female students from Kardan University' BCS department began a three-month practical training program titled 'Web Application Development and IT Technical Support'. This is a technical training program that provides the students with the programming and technical skills required by employers. It will enable students to learn the vital skills that software engineers and IT professionals in the technology industry possess.

Workshop on Women Rights in Afghanistan's constitution

In cooperation with AWSDC, Kardan University organized a one day workshop under the title of (Women's Rights in Afghanistan's Constitution) which took place at Kardan School of Graduate Studies on April 8, 2019. Different topics on women's rights in relation to social rights, right to special protection, right to education and training, right to work and employment, and health rights were presented in the context of the Afghanistan. A large number of bachelor and master level students attended the program, and participated in group discussions at the end of the program.

Workshop on ‘More Afghan Women in Business’

On April, 1st, 2019, Kardan University, in collaboration with Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI), organized a one day workshop titled (More Afghan Women in Business). The program included providing information on women's rights in business, identifying potential entrepreneurs for membership into AWCCI, women's trade show, and building networking among students and businesswomen in Afghanistan. The program started with recitation of Holy Quran, a brief introduction of the program objectives, Entrepreneurship Exercise and seminar, Questions and answer sessions, networking and buying & selling. Also, there was a panel discussion of by business-women, who discussed their business journeys and challenges they had faced while striving towards success. At the end Interested students filled out the membership forms to remain connected to the network and if interested to get further training and mentorship.

Women Rights in Islam and Afghanistan Law

In December 2017, Kardan University, in collaboration with The Asia Foundation, organized a fourteen days informative training program on the subject of Women Rights in Islam and Afghanistan Law. The training benefited from the valuable information which was provided by the expert speakers.

Participants have received a certificate of participation and stationary for the training. As well as lunch. The content was designed to provide female students with the necessary knowledge and tools to integrate gender issues into their daily lives and work. Gender training was an attempt to change perceptions, attitudes and behaviors that have been acquired over a very long period of time in a variety of cultural contexts. The modules were designed to initiate discussion and provided a context for students to encourage learning, knowledge-building and skills development. There were 33 female participants in the workshop and the workshop ended with a conference contained a discussion panel and questions and answers.

Orientation Program for Six Month Training and Job Placement Opportunities at UNDP

UNDP Afghanistan’s Country Office recently launched a Training and Job Placement initiative for 60 female university students where they train students for a period of six months and then hire the ones who successfully complete the program and exhibit professional competencies. Kardan University hosted UNDP Representatives for an orientation session conducted for Kardan University's Female students and alumni on Sep, 25, 2018. UNDP Afghanistan’s Gender and HR Specialist explained all aspects of the program and the criteria for selection of candidates.

Forming of Kardan University’s Female Volleyball Team

As part of its commitment to facilitating extracurricular activities for students of both genders, Kardan University has newly created its Female Volleyball team. The main objective is to promote female students’ empowerment and providing such an opportunity for female students to enhance their physical wellbeing by indulging in healthy extracurricular activities.

Session on gender awareness

Gender Equality Awareness Session was successfully held on July 24, 2018 for students at Kardan University in collaboration with UNDP's EGEMA Project. The seminar focused on issues such as awareness of gender equality, gender Equity and Gender Empowerment.

Session on Anthropology and human rights in Islam

A one day seminar was held on the topic of “Anthropology and Human Rights in Islam” for female students and alumni of Kardan University. Dr. Suliman Nessary delivered a comprehensive lecture regarding human rights from the perspective of Quran and Islam. More than 50 students attended the seminar which was followed by a question and answer session.

Workshop on ‘Women for Gender Inclusive Higher Education to Promote Peace and Economic Development’

On October, 7 2018, Kardan University organized a one day workshop on Women for Gender Inclusive Higher Education to promote Peace and Economic Development, in collaboration with USAID and Peshawar University. Participants of the session included MBA students, faculty members, bachelor programs’ students, Gender Committee members and Kardan School lecturers. Participants had a round table discussion in order to find solution for problems on hand regarding gender issues in higher education institutions.