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Student Involvement & Events

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The Office of Student Involvement and Events provides opportunities for students to engage in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities designed to promote leadership and skills development, self-exploration, sporting, and social interaction.

Through supporting students’ engagement outside the classroom, we establish student clubs, organize events, seminars, conferences and study tours which offer students and alumni a meaningful educational experience.

Why Should We Get Involved?

Getting and staying involved allows you to explore further activities while being students at Kardan University. Being involved can take many forms, such as Membership of a registered student club, Participation in seminars and conferences, Participation in educational, cultural, and recreational events.

Benefits of Involvement:

  • It allows students to become more connected with the university
  • It allows students to discover and explore their passions and strengths
  • It helps students meet new people and make friends who share same interests
  • Encourages and advances students’ development on all levels: intellectual, cultural, and social
  • Helps students to find and work on new clubs

Ajmal Nabizada

Manager, Student Involvement and Events


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