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The End of Poverty: How We Can Make it Happen in Our Lifetime

Mr. Ahmad Jawed Zahidogli

Volume 3 Issue 2 | Jun 2020

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.34

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Poverty is a social disease, which exist all over the world, and it threats the world more than any clinical daisies with multidimensional effect. Poverty is the central goal policy of every government in advance economies in general and developing countries in particular to end this never-ending pandemic, every government office holder would like to see his or her country with the lowest rate of poverty. In fact, it has been, since many decades, a top priority of the United Nation and other international Non-profit organizations to alleviate it from the world. In this respect, for instance, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) are initiatives developed by United Nations, in both initiatives poverty is identified as a serious issue and categorized as the first goal to get eradicated from the world. As a result of these pragmatic policies, a substantial improvement has been seen in this field. However, still there are more than 800 million people living under poverty line income, given the international poverty line income,1.90 USD a day, around the world, regardless of the development status of the countries (SDG, 2018). Therefore, to address this pandemic issue and how to able to solve it in soon future, the book, The End of Poverty: How we can make it happen in our life, by Jeffrey D. Sachs is a welcome attempt. Jeffrey D. Sachs is a university professor, economist, public policy analyst, and former director of Earth Institution at Columbia University. This contribution consists of eighteen chapters, which are divided in three main parts, where he discussed the poverty issue comprehensively and provided a strategic plan on how it is possible to end it in our lifetime.