40 Under 40 Award Winners

Writer, Painter and Social Activist

Tahmina Arian

Tahmina Arian, an alumnus of LLB is currently busy with a number of activities to her credit as social activities, poetry, and paintings.
Regarding her paintings and poems, she has been praised as an inventor; as her paintings are painted for the content of her poems. For every poem she composes, she imagines a picture for that and brings it on paper as a painting. Recently, she has been granted an Acknowledgement letter for her Peace painting from Ministry of Information and Culture and has been titled as a distinguished student from this Ministry.

Currently, Tahmina is part of internationally recognized campaign #where_is_my_name, this exceptional cultural movement is for women identities and women rights which kicked all the national and international Medias headlines as DW Germany news, Playground Spain media, CNN, BBC and all national media.