40 Under 40 Award Winners

Software Developer

Ahmad Masood Ziayee

Ahmad Masood Ziayee is a BCS students at Kardan University with a scientific approach towards problem solution. He has been an active member of several projects with the following achievements:
- (Along with a teammate) Won the 3rd position (Bronze Medal) among 168 competing teams “Innovative Practices in Education and Industry Exhibition” IPEINX Malaysia

- As part of a five member team, secured the second position among 12 competing teams in the first AngelHack Global Hackathon Series in Afghanistan

- Research Paper titled ‘Home Automation & Security System’ was accepted to be published internationally through an international conference in Saint Petersburg Russia

- Has obtained scholarships and Excellence Award from Kardan University for excellent academic performance in several semesters

- Was one of four speakers on the SDG 3 “Sustainable Development Goal 3” at National Youth Symposium organized by UNDP and World Bank

- Participated in both IT and Technology Symposia organized by Kardan University in 2015 and 2017
He has also worked on some individual projects like:
o Laser Tripwire Security System: A tripwire system which sets the alarm and sends SMS and email when it is crossed
o Smart Security System: The advanced version of Laser Tripwire with Passive Infrared Sensor in which the light can’t be seen by the intruder
o Smart Sehat (Prototype): An Android application in which we can find, locate, and rate the best doctors in town
o “Eva” a voice recognition desktop application: by which you can control music player’s controls, web browser, and a tic tac toe game
o Plant Care System: which automatically waters your plants when they are feeling thirsty with the accurate amount of water and send you real-time information about the water level of the soil
o Switchify: An internet and Bluetooth enabled device through which you can control all home appliances using your smartphone or voice commands