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Jan 2021

Nasim Jamal Muradiyan

A graduate of Kardan University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in 2012, Mr. Nasim Jamal Muradiyan is an accomplished and passionate entrepreneur. He is currently the president and Chief Executive Office of the Turkish Airlines Cargo Services (TKACS) in Afghanistan. Mr. Muradiyan has played a vital role in expanding Afghanistan’s exports by air and paved the way for opening a series of air corridors with Europe, Russia, America, the Far East, China, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
He is also the founder of Kabul Wings which has been founded in 2009. Operating in Kabul, Dubai, Istanbul, Alanya, and Singapore, Kabul Wings Investments provides customized services in various sectors like Aviation, Real Estates, Logistics, Health, Tourism, Construction, Import & Export, and Fashion & Designing. Mr. Muradiyan has also worked with the Azizi Bank as a Credit Analyst and Deputy Chief Risk Officer. Furthermore, he has worked with the T Builders as a Senior Executive Vice President for more than six years.
Along with his constant determination to develop his skills continuously, Mr. Muradiyan is interested in sports, and is eager to learn about different cultures, and history. He believes that “we should learn to take risks, as higher the risks are, higher the gains will be.”