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Apr 2020

Aemal Sayer

One of the very first BCS students at Kardan University (2007 - 2010), Mr. Aemal Sayer is a software architect and entrepreneur currently living and running two online software businesses in Germany. Mainly he runs ReactGeeks.com where he helps other startups all over Germany with building their web and mobile apps and as a part time activity he runs FeedbackHero.io, a collaboration tool for enabling companies who work remotely to become more productive by utilizing the power of voice, video and screen recording in their daily activities.

After completing his BCS studies, he started a software development business in which he ran for seven years. In 2015 he secured a DAAD scholarship and went to Germany to do his master’s in Web Science. It is a computer science related program mainly focused on data science, machine learning, advanced web technologies and entrepreneurship.

In 2016 during his studies, Mr. Sayer participated in an entrepreneurship contest and won the first prize with his idea for building a tech support platform for connecting computer science students with the elderly who need IT support.

Being new to the German culture, he joined a cofounder who helped him initiate a startup based on the winning idea. Soon they found an investor and moved to Berlin for scaling their startup.

This is just one of many untold success stories from Kardan University alumni, if you want your story to be told and be a motivational factor for a new comer contact us at alumni@kardan.edu.af