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Dec 2018

Dr. Azimullah Niazi

Dr. Azimullah Niazi is one of Kardan University`s LLB alumni. However, that is not the only field of study he has pursued. He has a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, Medical-MCPS-part one, Agriculture-Sericulture as well as Research-Journalism.

At 68 years of age, Dr. Niazi is the oldest Afghan citizen to be pursuing higher education. With this, he wants to show the people of his age in Afghanistan that seeking education is possible at every age and everywhere regardless of age, gender or language.

Dr. Niazi still has the passion to learn more and wants to obtain a higher education degree in “Law, Environmental Crimes and their Consequences” from an international university. For this he has newly enrolled at the Victoria University, British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Niazi leads a life of strict self-discipline and believes in maintaining a rigid code of conduct which, in some instances, has even impacted his colleagues and others around him to become more organized and punctual.

Dr. Niazi’s life experiences can be divided in to four phases:

1. Early years in Afghanistan: Early years of life were spent in Kabul city where, after completing high school, he joined an international pharmaceutical company and started a career in quality control. Besides that, he learned German and French languages.

2. Migration and refugee status in Pakistan: After the Soviet invasion and ensuing war in Afghanistan, Mr. Niazi migrated to Pakistan with his family. The war and its impact on civilians motivated him to study medicine. Besides surgical treatment of the wounded civilians, he learnt about the problems of Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) among women and Hemophilia among children who did not have any access to diagnosis and treatment.

In 1988 Dr. Niazi was appointed the Director of an NGO in Pakistan. Besides NGO responsibilities, he studied agriculture – specifically sericulture (also known as silk farming), not only to rehabilitate sericulture centers in Afghanistan, but also to propagate other beneficial agricultural products such as peanut and lemon grass.

3. Return to Afghanistan: After establishment of the new political setup in Afghanistan, Dr. Niazi returned with years of experience both in health and community service. He contested for a seat in Kabul’s Provincial Council which he won and became a member of different Council Committees. At this time he enrolled in the Bachelor’s in Law and Political Science program at Kardan University.

Dr. Niazi was later appointed as the Chief of National Flag at Wazir Akbar Khan Hill. He is also an active member of National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), a strong supporter of Hemophilia patients, board member of Afghanistan Yellow Pages, founder of Schools’ Kindness Wall, and a strong advocate for elections in municipalities.

4. Study mission to Canada: After graduation from Kardan University’s Law Department, Dr. Niazi has enrolled at Canada’s Victoria University for earning an international degree in Law and Environment Protection.

While in Canada, he is planning to establish ‘Wall of Afghanistan’ at Victoria University, introduce Constitution of Afghanistan at the Faculty of Law and donate and introduce Afghanistan Encyclopedia and Afghan professors’ books at the public libraries of British Columbia.

He also plans to work for facilitating agreements between Canadian and Afghan Universities on Student and Faculty Exchange programs and also provision of scholarships for talented Afghan students.

Dr. Azimullah Niazi has received a letter of appreciation from Afghanistan Parliament and is honored as “Goodwill Ambassador for Diversity and Values”.