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Mar 2020

Mohammad Naqeeb Totakhail

Mr. Mohammad Naqeeb Totakhail is a JICA Scholarships scholar who has obtained his master’s degree in Global Society Studies from Doshisha University, Japan in 2015. He did his bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) from Kardan University in 2011.

Mr. Totakhail has conducted several academic research projects about Public Sector Corruption and Anti-Corruption measures in Afghanistan as well as on Institutional and Human Capacity Development.

He is currently working as Capacity Building Specialist with National Procurement Authority (NPA) at the Administrative Office of the President. He’s been there since 2018. Before joining the NPA, Mr. Totakhail worked with Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) as Human Resources and Capacity Building Manager for eight years. He has a vast experience of both the government and non-governmental sector organizations, as before joining the public sector, he used to work with USAID and UN funded projects.

Mr. Totakhail believes that corruption in the public sector can be tackled by enhancing capacities of human resources. It helps increase performance in the public sector.