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Jun 2018

Tahmina Arian

A Law graduate (2015) from Kardan University, Ms. Tahmina Arian is the founder and President of the Hope & Cope for Change Organization (HCCO). She is also a recipient of the 40 Under 40 Award from Kardan University. Tahmina is an avid painter and poet. She has a unique style of painting where she draws each piece to portray the message conveyed by her poems. She has been the recipient of awards and certificates from several well-known institutions. Recently, she was appreciated by the Ministry of Information and Culture for her painting called ‘Peace’.

She has written numerous articles on different topics related to human rights, women rights, social inequalities and other issues affecting the social life of the general public. Along with local audiences, Ms. Arian has embarked on a journey of presenting the plight of Afghan women to the international audiences. Her latest book on Afghan women is scheduled to be published in Germany in the near future.

A strong believer in human rights; in particular Afghan women rights and empowerment of afghan women and girls, Tahmina Arian, was one of the leading figures behind the online social campaign (#WhereisMyName). She believes giving women back their names is the first important step in encouraging them to assert their rights in a society where violence and abuse against women remain major problems.

Since the main goal was seeking to spread awareness about the right to identity, the campaign garnered massive media coverage by national and international media outlets such as (ToloTV, ToloNews, TV1, CNN, DW, PlayGround, Record TV, VOA, BBC, New York Times, Marianne, RFI, Independent, ABC, IndianExpress and RFERL).