Alumni Success Stories

Alumni of the Month

Dec 2017

Iqbal Yousafzai

Born in a highly educated family, Iqbal Yousafzai had the passion to accomplish something significant even in early school years. He started his higher education with a Diploma in Computer Science at ATVI Institute from where he moved on to a ‘life changer’ experience by getting admission in a BBA program at Kardan University - where he proceeded with his MBA too. After completing a book he’s writing (Well Played Leaders!), he will start his Ph.D. Program in Economics at a well-known university in India.

For some time, he used to work with different organizations, where he made good progress and at his last job he was Country HR Director at Blue Hackle Middle East, a Company of more than 2,500 employees, but being an employee he felt limited. With business acumen acquired at the university, he decided to start his own business and that’s when two companies, Hoshmand Services and Great Bravo Services, were conceived.

Starting up small, but with efficient use of resources, today both HS and GB employ around 100 employees. Both operating in the services sector, they are recipients to several appreciation certificates from different national and international clients which testify their quality of services.

Iqbal looks at his mother as his role model for hard work and perseverance. Being a successful doctor she runs two health clinics. She is the Director of Women’s Council and is also a Colonel in the Afghan army.

Iqbal has a saying which he firmly believes in. He says “Being a senior leader is a once in a lifetime chance, so why not use it for goodwill of your own and future generations. If you do good, people will clap you if you do wrong people will slap you”. HS and GB Services plan to increase their workforce by expanding their operations to international clients as well.

Mr. Yousafzai’s interest in economy and society is thriving and his goal for the year 2019 is to be in a prominent public service position where he can directly serve the community. Currently, through his business, he supports an orphanage in Kabul which he plans to increase in volume. With shifting his focus towards public service his ultimate intention is to turn his companies in to a family business, run by his brothers, and himself move to public service full time.